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Gravel – Shingle

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There are two different types of gravel which are 10mm and 20mm. 10mm gravel, also known as ‘pea gravel’ is primarily used for decorative purposes and drainage but it’s a versatile product as it can be used in a number of ways such as in mixing. As a small aggregate with a large surface area, 10mm gravel is an ideal aggregate for use in/with other materials such as fine concrete.

It’s also used in drainage, soakaways and pipelaying, as its ideal for drainage as it fills small gaps and makes the most of the area. In terms of aesthetic gravel is pleasing on the eye and will brighten up most gardens – helping to suppress weeds, retain moisture and protect plants against frost.


Driveway gravel for sale

In general, we suggest that 20mm gravel is best suited for driveways but it also has its other advantages. In terms of driveways, the larger particle size means that it’s much less likely to get stuck in tyres or shoes. This means that it doesn’t get transferred to unwanted areas and stays in place for a longer period of time. It can also be considered pet-friendly as its much kinder on pets paws. 20mm gravel is also much easier to spread across a large area and hide mounds well.

In terms of drainage and pipe laying, 20mm gravel is great for large drainage applications where you need to support a heavy pipe – the larger particle size creates an aerated layer, which allows a large volume of water to fill these voids before saturation.