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Top Soil

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Topsoil is defined by the top 2-7 inches of soil that has the greatest organic matter content and microorganisms. Organic matter is what is left after plant roots, leaves and stems decompose. Topsoil is made up of carbon and nitrogen, microbes larger creatures such as worms, beetles and other insects. A fertile topsoil also has concentrations of nutrients including potassium, iron and phosphorous.


Top Soil Quality

The quality of topsoil varies depending on geographic region and climate, along with human activity. Generally, the blacker the topsoil, the richer its nutrients – the advantage to this is that nutritive topsoil is able to hold onto more water. Furthermore, this allows the topsoil to be more productive in terms of yielding plant growth.


Top Soil Use

The most important factor behind topsoil is it provides nutrients to growing plants, this is because this region of soil does the main biological nutrient cycling, providing the required carbon and nitrogen molecules for plants to grow. Topsoil is a highly required aggregate for landscaping, in terms of planting lawns and gardens and is popular amongst those building new homes and gardeners who wish to maximize the potential of their plants.